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The beauty of faith

The beauty of faith


Faith is not a refuge for people without courage, but the expansion of life. (Pope Francis)

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If, in the past, Christianity was part of the national heritage, today faith is lived with confidentiality and not a few misunderstandings. To believe today is to live an encounter that does not leave indifferent. When accepted, faith changes life to the point of holiness.

The author of this book listened to people who live faith in a different way: from prominent figures to committed young people. He ideally questions all the people of God. And in dialogue he has discovered that believing is still beautiful today.


Biografia dell'autore

Emiliano Tognetti

Emiliano Tognetti

Emiliano Tognetti (1984) è nato a Pontedera, in Toscana. È giornalista, psicologo, psicoterapeuta e progettista sociale. Attualmente collabora professionalmente con Enti del Terzo Settore e con varie riviste locali o nazionali. Ha la passione per le interviste che pubblica sul magazine online dell’associazione Mamre, di cui fa parte assieme ad alcuni amici. Trovi i suoi contatti nella sezione Redazione del sito

Foto | Mihaela Oana Marcu

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